Anurans and squamate reptiles from the latest early Pleistocene of Almenara-Casablanca-3 (Castellón, East of Spain). Systematic, climatic and environmental considerations

Hugues-Alexandre BLAIN, Salvador BAILON & Jordi AGUSTÍ

en Geodiversitas 29 (2) - Pages 269-295

Published on 29 June 2007

The karstic fissure filling of Almenara-Casablanca-3, dated from the latest early Pleistocene, has furnished the following fauna of anurans and squamate reptiles: cf. Discoglossus (Alytidae), Pelobates cultripes (Pelobatidae), Pelodytes cf. P. punctatus (Pelodytidae), Bufo bufo and Bufo sp. (Bufonidae), Pelophylax cf. P. perezi (Ranidae), Blanus cinereus (Blanidae), Chalcides cf. Ch. bedriagai (Scincidae), indeterminate small lacertids (Lacertidae), Natrix natrix, Coronella girondica, Rhinechis scalaris and Malpolon monspessulanus (Colubridae) and Vipera latasti (Viperidae). This faunal association might have been contemporaneous with climatic conditions slightly cooler and moister than those occurring at present in the area, and it suggests an open forest environment of Mediterranean type, with some free water points.


Anura, Squamata, early Pleistocene, Spain, palaeoclimate, palaeoenvironment

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