Révision du genre Bananogmius (Teleostei, Tselfatiiformes), poisson marin du Crétacé supérieur d'Amérique du Nord et d'Europe


fr Geodiversitas 23 (1) - Pages 17-40

Published on 30 March 2001

Revision of the genus Bananogmius (Teleostei, Tselfatiiformes), marine fish from the Upper Cretaceous of North America and Europe

The author studies the osteology of Bananogmius and gives an emended diagnosis of it. Four species are included in the genus: B. aratus, B. favirostris, B. ornatus and B. ellisensis. B. evolutus (= B. polymicrodus) and B. crieleyi do not belong to the genus Bananogmius. The genera Thryptodus, Pseudothryptodus and Syntegmodus are not synonymous with Bananogmius. Within the Tselfatiiformes, Bananogmius appears particularly primitive. The genus retains some plesiomorphies: a preoperculum with long branches of subequal lengths, a normally developed pelvic girdle, an hemaxanal complex of type I, a preural 1 hemal arch, and two autogenous hypurals, characters for which most of the other genera of the order are apomorphous. Bananogmius is also characterized by two apomorphies: a long sharp ventro-posterior process on the antorbital, and an edentulous ectopterygoid. Bananogmius and Niobrara are closely related genera but the latter is easily distinguished from the former by the peculiar pattern of its skull roof where the pterotics are short and rejected behind the parietals.


Teleostei, Tselfatiiformes, Bananogmius, marine Cretaceous, North America, Europe, osteology, phylogenetic relationships

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