Composition en acides aminés d'os de mammifères fossiles de deux sites du Plio-Péistocène d'Angola. Comparaison avec la conservation de la phase minérale

Hélène DAVID, Yannicke DAUPHIN, Pascale GAUTRET, Martin PICKFORD & Brigitte SENUT

fr Geodiversitas 21 (2) - Pages 215-227

Published on 24 June 1999

Composition in amino-acids of fossil mammalian bones from two Plio-Pleistocene Angolan sites. Comparison with the preservation of the mineral phase

Comparison of the microstructural parameters and composition (organic and mineral phases) of modern and fossil mammal bones (Plio-Pleistocene of Angola) show the differential character of diagenesis. Despite excellent preservation of the microstructure, the chemical composition of the mineral phases has been modified (enriched in Ca, reduction of Mg). The amount of preserved organic matrix is greatly reduced. The amino-acid composition of the soluble organic phase appears to be better preserved than that of the insoluble phase.


Plio-Pleistocene, Angola, Theropithecus, Bos, bone, FTIR, amino-acids

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