Revision of the genus Porcellionides Miers, 1877 (Isopoda: Porcellionidae) in the Ibero-Balearic region


en European Journal of Taxonomy 939 (1) - Pages 1-51

Published on 19 June 2024

Until now, the genus Porcelliniodes Miers, 1877 is represented in the Ibero-Balearic region by seven species. The study of 721 specimens from Portugal and Spain has led to the identification of 11 species, including poorly known species, and the description of a new species, Porcellionides ibericus sp. nov. This new species is characterized by the absence of transverse ridges on the pereonites, medium-sized lateral lobes on the cephalon, the pleon slightly retracted in relation to the pereon, pereopods without sexual differentiation, and a truncated posterior inner tip in the male pleopod I. We consider P. glaber (Koch, 1856), P. hispanus (Vandel, 1953), P. lucasioides (Vandel, 1953), P. lusitanus (Vandel, 1946), and P. molleri (Verhoeff, 1901) as valid species, while P. buddelundi (Verhoeff, 1901) and P. rufocinctus (Dollfus, 1892) are considered species inquirendae. Five species are recorded for the first time in some Portuguese districts and seven in some Spanish provinces.


distribution, Portugal, Spain, taxonomy, woodlice

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