Notes on South-East Asian Diospyros L. (Ebenaceae, Ericales): commonly misidentified species in mainland South-East Asia

Nattanon MEEPROM, Sutee Duangjai, Timothy M. A. UTTERIDGE, Alastair CULHAM & Carmen PUGLISI

en European Journal of Taxonomy 932 (225) - Pages 225-251

Published on 10 May 2024

Diospyros L. is a large genus of flowering plants predominantly distributed in the tropics. It comprises over 700 species globally and around 300 are believed to occur in South-East Asia. Many species are economically important and exploited for the production of ebony wood and persimmons, yet taxonomic information on the genus is incomplete and inconsistent due to its morphological and nomenclatural complexity. Revisions of Diospyros in continental and insular South-East Asia were conducted independently by different authors, occasionally with different names used for the same species, or different species being given the same name in different countries. During our ongoing study of the genus Diospyros in Indochina (Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam), we identified several such instances. Here, we clarify the most commonly misidentified species, including 1) D. apiculata Hiern, D. strigosa Hemsl. and D. tamiriensis Lecomte; 2) D. bejaudii Lecomte and D. retrofracta Bakh.; 3) D. dictyoneura Hiern and D. hasseltii Zoll.; 4) D. borneensis Hiern and D. fecunda H.R.Fletcher. Lectotypifications are also made for D. brachiata King & Gamble var. lanceolata H.R.Fletcher, D. fecunda, D. similis Craib and D. strigosa.


Ebony, flora, Indochina, lectotypification, nomenclature, taxonomy

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