Dasydorylas Skevington, 2001 (Pipunculidae, Tomosvaryellini) of Colombia, with description of three new species and a key to Neotropical males

Yardany RAMOS-PASTRANA, Dayse W. A. MARQUES & José Albertino RAFAEL

en European Journal of Taxonomy 932 (138) - Pages 138-157

Published on 02 May 2024

The cosmopolitan pipunculid genus Dasydorylas Skevington, 2001 includes just a few species from the Neotropical Region and is completely unknown to Colombia. Three new species of Dasydorylas are described from protected areas and conflict territories of limited access in Colombia, namely Dasydorylas colombiensis sp. nov. (type locality: Santuario de Fauna y Flora Iguaque, Boyacá), D. gibber sp. nov. (type locality: Santuario de Fauna y Flora Iguaque, Boyacá), and D. santainesensis sp. nov. (type locality: Páramo de Santa Inés, Belmira, Antioquia). Diagnoses, illustrations and distributional data of the new species are presented. Dasydorylas nigellus (Rafael, 1991) is recorded for the first time from Colombia and its amended diagnosis is provided. An identification key to males of all Neotropical species is presented. With this paper, the number of Neotropical species of Dasydorylas is increased from six to nine.


big-headed flies, identification key, South America, Tomosvaryellini, taxonomy

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