New genera of stiletto flies endemic to Madagascar (Therevidae: Therevinae)

Michael E. IRWIN & Shaun L. WINTERTON

en European Journal of Taxonomy 932 (1) - Pages 1-33

Published on 19 April 2024

Two new endemic genera of Therevinae are described from Madagascar. Rinhatiana gen. nov. contains three new species (R. arctifestuca gen. et sp. nov., R. cracentis gen. et sp. nov. and R. latifestuca gen. et sp. nov.) as well as R. distincta (Lyneborg, 1976) comb. nov., which is transferred from Stenopomyia Lyneborg, 1976. Tianarinha gen. nov. is described containing two new species, T. goodmani gen. et sp. nov. and T. micet gen. et sp. nov. All species are diagnosed and figured along with distribution data.


Asiloidea, Diptera, Madagascar, lower Brachycera

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