A new genus of Cicadellini (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae) from the Oaxacan Cloud Forest, with taxonomic notes on allied red-striped genera

Jorge Adilson Pinedo-Escatel  & Edith Blanco-Rodríguez

en European Journal of Taxonomy 930 (205) - Pages 205-228

Published on 04 April 2024

Cicadellinae is a relatively large subfamily of leafhoppers (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae) with a cosmopolitan distribution with most genera known to occur in the Neotropics. Mexico houses nearly 16% of the total genera and most are endemic, inhabiting threatened native forests. Here, a new unusual Mexican genus, Christopherus gen. nov., is described to accommodate a new species of Cicadellini, C. mictlantecuhtli sp. nov., collected in the endangered Cloud Forest of Sierra Juárez, Oaxaca State of Mexico, based on dry-pinned museum specimen data. The new taxa can be separated from other Neotropical Cicadellini genera easily using male genitalia features: (i) pygofer without processes, (ii) segment 10th without processes, (iii) paraphysis absent, and (iv) edeagus with single basal atrial process elongate and asymmetrical. The monotypic genus Gillonella with its type species, G. ampulla Nielson & Godoy, 1995, are redescribed. A detailed extensive morphological description and discussion to distinguish the new genus from allied red-striped Neotropical genera in Mexico, Central America, and South America are given. Distributional data for new taxa within Mexican forests is also provided.


Membracoidea, Neotropical, Mexico, Sierra Madre del Sur, new taxa

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