New Pristaulacus Kieffer, 1900 (Hymenoptera, Evanioidea, Aulacidae) from India and Malaysia with a key to species and a revised checklist

Giuseppe Fabrizio TURRISI & Vittorio NOBILE

en European Journal of Taxonomy 930 (1) - Pages 1-19

Published on 26 March 2024

Two new species of aulacid wasps, Pristaulacus iuliae Turrisi & Nobile sp. nov. from South India (Karnataka) and Pristaulacus ninae sp. nov. from Peninsular Malaysia (Pahang), are described, figured and compared with most related species. Based on the present addition, the Indomalayan area currently includes 27 species of Pristaulacus Kieffer out of 61 known from the whole Oriental Region, which is however a largely underestimated number. An identification key to species and an updated checklist of Pristaulacus occurring in the Indomalayan area are provided.


Taxonomy, new species, checklist, Aulacidae, Pristaulacus

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