Six new species of Rhaphidophora from China (Orthoptera: Rhaphidophoridae: Rhaphidophorinae)

Mi DI, Yan-Yan QIN, Zi-Hao SHEN, Tao ZHANG, Han-Qiang WANG, Kai LI & Zhu-Qing HE

en European Journal of Taxonomy 925 (76) - Pages 76-99

Published on 06 March 2024

Six new species of the genus Rhaphidophora Serville, 1838 are described from China: R. hexagoniproctalis Wang, Di & He sp. nov., R. heterodentis Shen, Wang & He sp. nov., R. imbricofurca Shen, Wang & He sp. nov., R. glenoides Qin, Wang & He sp. nov., R. impressa Wang, Qin & He sp. nov., R. stenoterminata Zhang, Wang & He sp. nov. A key with previously described species from China is provided.


Rhaphidophorinae, Rhaphidophora, China, key to species, new species.

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