Peering beyond the monotypic veil: taxonomy and notes on the parental care of Neocranaus (Opiliones: Gonyleptoidea: Cranaidae)

M. Osvaldo VILLARREAL, Julio César GONZÁLEZ-GÓMEZ, Adriano B. KURY & Luis Fernando GARCÍA

en European Journal of Taxonomy 925 (292) - Pages 292-320

Published on 19 March 2024

The genus Neocranaus Roewer, 1913 is revisited, its composition is expanded from two to five species and a new generic diagnosis is presented. Neocranaus albiconspersus Roewer, 1913, type species of the genus, is redescribed. The genus Tolimaius Roewer, 1915 syn. nov. is considered as a junior subjective synonym of Neocranaus, its sole member being transferred to Neocranaus N. pectinitibialis (Roewer, 1915) comb. nov. – and redescribed here. The new combination Neocranaus laevifrons (Roewer, 1917) comb. nov. is proposed for Holocranaus laevifrons Roewer, 1917. The new species Neocranaus gladius Villarreal & Kury sp. nov. is described, from P.N.N. Yariguíes, Santander Department, Colombia. For the first time, the genital structure of this genus is illustrated. A key to the identification of the males of Neocranaus and some considerations about the reproductive biology of N. albiconspersus and N. pectinitibialis are presented.


Colombia, Ecuador, Laniatores, taxonomy, Venezuela

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