Small jewels: two new species of the rare genus Masona van Achterberg (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonoidea, Braconidae), with a catalogue of world species and comments on the peculiar morphology of the genus

Davide DAL POS, Gavin R. BROAD & Abigail P. MARTENS

en European Journal of Taxonomy 925 (135) - Pages 135-160

Published on 11 March 2024

A comprehensive review of the enigmatic genus Masona van Achterberg is provided. Two new species are described from the USA: Masona neon Dal Pos & Martens sp. nov. from Puerto Rico, and Masona wow Dal Pos & Martens sp. nov. from California. A key to the world species of Masona is presented, together with a discussion of the morphology of the genus and an annotated catalogue of the species. [Masona] timpaynei Quicke, 2019, is excluded from Braconidae and placed as incertae sedis in the Ichneumonidae, subfamily Neorhacodinae.


Braconidae, Masoninae, taxonomy, North America, distribution

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