A new species of Ormyrus Westwood (Hymenoptera, Ormyridae) developing in figs of Ficus microcarpa in Europe

Evangelos KOUTSOUKOS, Stephen G. COMPTON, Simon VAN NOORT, Dimitrios N. AVTZIS  & Richard R.  ASKEW

en European Journal of Taxonomy 917 (170) - Pages 170-193

Published on 17 January 2024

Known by many names, the Chinese banyan (Ficus microcarpa L.) is a monoecious plant species originating from south-eastern Asia which has been introduced as an ornamental in numerous areas outside its native range, including the Mediterranean. Like every species of Ficus, it is associated with a series of chalcid wasp species, known as fig wasps. These species are distributed in the families Agaonidae, Epichrysomallidae, Eurytomidae, Ormyridae and Pteromalidae. In this publication, we describe a new species of Ormyrus Westwood, 1832 (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea, Ormyridae), O. microcarpae Askew & Koutsoukos sp. nov., reared from figs of F. microcarpa collected from Greece and Cyprus. The new species is compared with O. lini and O. watshami. This species is likely to be a parasitoid of Meselatus bicolor Chen, 1999 (Hymenoptera, Epichrysomallidae). In addition, the previously unknown female of O. lini is also described and illustrated. This publication constitutes the first report of species of Ormyrus associated with figs in Europe.


Greece, Cyprus, Ormyrus, new species

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