The first sawfly from the Oligocene of Céreste (Southern France) (Hymenoptera: Tenthredinidae)

André NEL, Meicai WEI, Gengyun NIU, Pauline COSTER, Mathieu BODERAU, Hugo JOSSE, Jean-Paul KUNDURA, Marie-Hélène KUNDURA, Patrick BRISAC, Loup BOUDET & Corentin JOUAULT

en European Journal of Taxonomy 917 (1) - Pages 1-18

Published on 03 January 2024

Luberotenthredo cerestensis gen. et sp. nov. is the first record of the sawfly family Tenthredinidae from the Oligocene of Céreste (Southern France). This taxon is described and illustrated based on a well-preserved specimen. This genus resembles the extant genus Perineura (subfamily Tenthredininae, tribe Perineurini) with which it shares forewing venation similarities and numerous morphological characters. This new taxon is the first fossil representative of the tribe Perineurini and can be used as a calibration point for future investigation of the diversification of the family Tenthredinidae.

Fossil record, Insecta, Perineurini, ‘Symphyta’, Tenthredininae
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