Revisions to the Andrena fauna of north-western Africa with a focus on Morocco (Hymenoptera: Andrenidae)

Thomas J. WOOD

en European Journal of Taxonomy 916 (1) - Pages 1-85

Published on 21 December 2023

North-western Africa has a large Andrena fauna, but parts of the country away from coastal areas remain poorly studied, and confusion persists as to the identity of certain taxa due to the long history of study combined with imperfectly examined type material. New fieldwork, genetic barcoding, and study of museum material has substantially improved our understanding of this region. Eleven new species are described: A. (Aciandrena) bendai sp. nov., A. (Aciandrena) ifranensis sp. nov., A. (Euandrena) berberica sp. nov., A. (Hoplandrena) darha sp. nov., A. (Micrandrena) anammas sp. nov., A. (Micrandrena) gemina sp. nov., A. (Micrandrena) tinctoria sp. nov., and A. (incertae sedis) muelleri sp. nov., all from Morocco, and A. (Aciandrena) quieta sp. nov., A. (Euandrena) abscondita sp. nov., and A. (Taeniandrena) prazi sp. nov. from Morocco and Tunisia. Andrena (Aciandrena) nitidilabris Pérez, 1895 was misdiagnosed, and is actually the senior synonym of A. (Graecandrena) montarca parva Warncke, 1974 syn. nov. Andrena (Aciandrena) pisantyi sp. nov. is described from Algeria, Tunisia, and Israel, conforming to A. nitidilabris auctorum sensu Warncke. Andrena (Graecandrena) andina Warncke, 1974 stat. nov. and A. (Micrandrena) heliaca Warncke, 1974 stat. nov. are elevated from sub species to species status. Lectotypes are designated for A. (Melanapis) ephippium Spinola, 1838, A. (Melanapis) rutila Spinola, 1838, A. (Simandrena) rhypara Pérez, 1903, and A. (Suandrena) savignyi Spinola, 1838. Neotypes are designated for A. (Melandrena) soror Dours, 1872 and A. (Notandrena) nigroviridula Dours, 1873. The female of A. (Aciandrena) triangulivalvis Wood, 2020 is described. The following seven additional synonymies are reported (senior name first): A. (Chrysandrena) testaceipes Saunders, 1908 = A. (Chrysandrena) rubricorpora Wood, 2021 syn. nov., A. (incertae sedis) maidaqi Scheuchl & Gusenleitner, 2007 = A. (Carandrena) hoggara Wood, 2021 syn. nov., A. (Lepidandrena) tuberculifera Pérez, 1895 = A. (Poecilandrena) nigriclypeus Wood, 2020 syn. nov., A. (Notandrena) albohirta Saunders, 1908 = A. (Notandrena) eddaensis Gusenleitner, 1998 syn. nov., A. (Notandrena) microthorax Pérez, 1895 = A. (Notandrena) nigrocyanea Saunders, 1908 syn. nov., A. (Simandrena) rhypara = A. (Simandrena) palumba Warncke, 1974 syn. nov., and A. (Taeniandrena) poupillieri Dours, 1872 = A. (Taeniandrena) lecerfi Benoist, 1961 syn. nov. Andrena (Notandrena) viridiaenea Pérez, 1903 is returned to synonymy with A. nigroviridula. Relative to the 2020 baseline, 16 Andrena species are newly recorded for Morocco, and six species are removed from the faunal list. These revisions bring the total number of Andrena species known from Morocco to 202 with 25 endemic species, making it one of the hotspots for Andrena diversity globally.

Ground beetles, Scaritinae, Oriental region, alpha-taxonomy, key to species
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