A review of Mexican Stamnodes (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) with the description of 16 new species

Tanner A. MATSON

en European Journal of Taxonomy 911 (1) - Pages 1-79

Published on 14 December 2023

The Mexican Stamnodes Guenée, [1858] fauna is reviewed. Thirty-six species are documented, including sixteen new species: S. aumatlapalli sp. nov., S. calcarea sp. nov., S. carota sp. nov., S. catarina sp. nov., S. ceniza sp. nov., S. churro sp. nov., S. clara sp. nov., S. disrupta sp. nov., S. erupta sp. nov., S. favilla sp. nov., S. ferropulvisa sp. nov., S. fuego sp. nov., S. mariachi sp. nov., S. matrona sp. nov., S. saltillo sp. nov., and S. tenebrosa sp. nov.; and two new synonymies are proposed: S. artemis Rindge, 1958 syn. nov. is synonymized with S. agapetica (Dyar, 1916), and S. similis Wright, 1927 syn. nov. is synonymized with S. ululata Pearsall, 1912. Illustrations and a brief summary of the taxonomic status, biology, and distribution for each species are provided. Full descriptions accompany new species accounts. Genitalic descriptions and illustrations are provided for new species and species described from Mexico without past genitalic study, and COI barcode data are presented for 27 of the 36 species treated herein.

cercocarpus, Lamiaceae, Larentiinae, Salvia, Stamnodini
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