Taxonomic revision of the African assassin bug genus Fusius (Heteroptera: Reduviidae: Peiratinae)

Yingqi LIU, Hu LI & Wanzhi CAI

en European Journal of Taxonomy 910 (25) - Pages 25-55

Published on 05 December 2023

The African assassin bug genus Fusius Stål, 1862 is revised after the examination of type specimens with redescriptions of four species. Lectotypes of Pirates (Fusius) H-flavum Reuter, 1881 and Pirates rubricosus Stål, 1855 are designated. The status of P. (Fusius) H-flavum Reuter, 1881 is revalidated with its current name as F. hflavus (Reuter, 1881) stat. rev. et comb. nov. Seven new synonyms are proposed: F. dilutus Miller, 1957 = F. gowdeyi Miller, 1957 syn. nov. = F. liberiensis Miller, 1957 syn. nov. = F. dilutus anonymus Dispons, 1969 syn. nov. = F. dilutus vicinus Dispons, 1969 syn. nov.; F. distinctus Miller, 1957 = F. sylvestris Miller, 1957 syn. nov.; F. hflavus (Reuter, 1881) = F. hargreavesi Miller, 1957 syn. nov.; F. rubricosus (Stål, 1855) = F. ugandensis Miller, 1957 syn. nov. A key is provided to separate the four species of this genus. Diagnosis and distribution of Fusius are briefly discussed.


Hemiptera, taxonomy, lectotype, new synonym, Afrotropical Region

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