Revision of Xiphentedon Risbec, 1957 and Colpixys Waterston, 1916 (Hymenoptera, Eulophidae), with descriptions of new species from the Afrotropics


en European Journal of Taxonomy 905 (1) - Pages 1-83

Published on 09 November 2023

The genera Colpixys and Xiphentedon are revised. Both genera are of Afrotropical distribution and are very similar to Entedon, but distinguished by a median strip or furrow on the propodeum replacing the median carina of Entedon. The genus Xiphentedon is characterized by the complete lateral propodeal sulci delimiting convex submedian areas, prosternum with a flange, axillula with indentate projection, and densely hairy central mesopectus. The subgenus Cederholmia Gumovsky, 1997 of Entedon is considered a junior synonym of Xiphentedon, so two of its species are moved to the genus as X. halli (Gumovsky, 1997) comb. nov. and X. danielssoni (Gumovsky, 1997) comb. nov. The genus Colpixys is characterized by the lack of characters of Xiphentedon, but also by the broadly sculptured propodeum with the deep median furrow delimited laterally by two sinuous margins. Three (one new) species are recognized in Colpixys and sixteen (thirteen new) species allocated to three groups (kayovei, danielssoni and forceps) are assigned to Xiphentedon. The new species are: Colpixys eburnus sp. nov. from Ivory Coast, Xiphentedon neserorum sp. nov. from the Republic of South Africa (RSA), Xsimoni sp. nov. from Tanzania, Xdewittei sp. nov. and X. musimba sp. nov. from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Xjeanyvesi sp. nov. from Tanzania, the Central African Republic (CAR) and Cameroon, Xwieringai sp. nov. from Gabon, Ivory Coast, CAR and DRC, Xkivuensis sp. nov. from DRC, Xpalabora sp. nov. from RSA, Xsangha sp. nov. from CAR, Xnimba sp. nov. from Guinea, Xforceps sp. nov. from Ivory Coast, Benin and RSA, Xgerardi sp. nov. from Benin, DRC and RSA, and Xacutigena sp. nov. from Ivory Coast, DRC, Tanzania and RSA. Morphological peculiarities and possible relationships of Colpixys, Xiphentedon, Entedon and some other genera are discussed.


Entedoninae, Entedon, Cederholmia, parasitoids, Africa

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