Taxonomic revision of the genus Loboscelidia Westwood, 1874 (Hymenoptera: Chrysididae: Loboscelidiinae) from Vietnam

Yu HISASUE, Thai-Hong PHAM & Toshiharu MITA

en European Journal of Taxonomy 887 (1) - Pages 1-68

Published on 04 August 2023

The taxonomy of Loboscelidiinae in Vietnam is revised, with 16 new species being described: Loboscelidia bachmaensis sp. nov., L. barbata sp. nov., L. cilia sp. nov., L. convexa sp. nov., L. cucphuongensis sp. nov., L. cuneata sp. nov., L. do sp. nov., L. flavipes sp. nov., L. glabra sp. nov., L. komedai sp. nov., L. mediata sp. nov., L. parallela sp. nov., L. piriformis sp. nov., L. squamosa sp. nov., L. vang sp. nov. and L. vietnamensis sp. nov. In total, 24 species of Loboscelidia are recognized in the fauna of Vietnam. Keys to Indo-Chinese male and world female of Loboscelidia are provided. A brief observation of the foraging behavior of L. squamosa sp. nov. is also reported. Host-carriage and subsequent host egg burying are considered primary nesting behaviors of solitary wasps.


Loboscelidiinae, taxonomy, Oriental Region, parasitoid, foraging behavior.

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