A review of the previously monotypic tribe Dibolostethini (Chelodesmidae: Chelodesminae) with description of two new species and a summary of the Chelodesmidae of the Tropical Andes Biodiversity Hotspot

Jackson C. MEANS, Rodrigo Salvador BOUZAN, Luiz Felipe Moretti INIESTA, Daniela MARTÍNEZ-TORRES, Antonio Domingos BRESCOVIT & Kaloyan IVANOV

en European Journal of Taxonomy 885 (65) - Pages 65-85

Published on 27 July 2023

The chelodesmid genus Dibolostethus Hoffman, 2009, the sole member of the tribe Dibolostethini, is reviewed. The genus contains the type species D. sicarius Hoffman, 2009 known only from the Los Rios Province, Ecuador, and two new species from the Tropical Andes, D. inopinatus Means, Bouzan & Ivanov sp. nov. from the Morona-Santiago Province, Ecuador and D. kattani Means, Bouzan, Martínez-Torres & Ivanov sp. nov. from the Valle del Cauca Department, Colombia. We redescribe D. sicarius and provide a revised diagnosis of the genus, images of diagnostic morphological characters, and a key to the males of Dibolostethus. In addition, we provide a summary and a distribution map of the Chelodesmidae of the Tropical Andes Biodiversity Hotspot.


Andes Mountains, Colombia, Diplopoda, Ecuador, endemism, Neotropics, Polydesmida

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