A new species of Microphotina Beier, 1935 from the southernmost region of Amazonia (Mantodea: Photinaidae)

Leonardo Moutinho LANNA, Lucas Linhares FIAT, João Felipe HERCULANO, Julio RIVERA & Pedro PELOSO

en European Journal of Taxonomy 870 (87) - Pages 87-106

Published on 19 May 2023

A new species of Microphotina Beier, 1935 (Mantodea: Photinaidae: Microphotinini), Microphotina cristalino sp. nov., is described from Mato Grosso, Brazil based on two male specimens. The new species extended the distribution of Microphotina to the southern limits of the Amazon rainforest, in the Cerrado-Amazônia ecotone. A synthesis of the taxonomy, systematics, natural history, and geographic distribution of Microphotina spp. is provided, along with an updated dichotomous key to species. The hypothesis that Microphotina represents a canopy-dwelling lineage is formulated. The role of praying mantises as flagship species for insect and Amazon conservation is briefly discussed.


Conservation, Microphotinini, natural history, praying mantis, species discovery

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