A new ‘grylloblattodean’ genus and species (Insecta: Polyneoptera) from the middle Permian Salagou Formation (France)

André NEL, Jean-Paul KUNDURA, Jean-Marc POUILLON, Romain GARROUSTE & Corentin JOUAULT

en European Journal of Taxonomy 852 (77) - Pages 77-84

Published on 19 December 2022

Lodevoisadia coheni gen. et sp. nov. is described as the ninth species of ‘Grylloblattodea’ from the middle Permian of the Salagou Formation, near Lodève town (France). It is currently not reasonable to place this species into a specific family, even though it seems to share most characters with the small family Tunguskapteridae. The lack of phylogenetic analysis and the current poor delineation of the majority of the grylloblattodean families (lacking synapomorphies) render any attribution of new taxa to a particular family often uncertain.

Grylloblattida, classification, lack of phylogenetic analysis, taxonomy
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