Lecaimmeria pakistanica, a new lichen fromAzad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan

Kamran HABIB, Rizwana ZULFIQAR & Abdul Nasir KHALID

en European Journal of Taxonomy 834 (94) - Pages 94-101

Published on 16 August 2022

A new lichen species Lecaimmeria pakistanica K.Habib, R.Zulfiqar & Khalid sp. nov. is described and illustrated from rocks in the temperate forests of the Himalaya of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan. This species is characterized by its yellow-brown to brown thallus having areoles 0.4 to 1.5 mm across, branched and anastomosing paraphyses, a tall hymenium, large ascospores 20–32 × 10–16 μm, and no substance detected by thin layer chromatography. All other species of the genus have ascospore dimensions in the range of 14–22 × 5–14 μm. A phylogenetic analysis is provided based on ITS nrDNA sequences, and supports the separation of the novel species. Photographs and a comparative analysis with related species of Lecaimmeria are provided to confirm the status of the species.

Lecideaceae, lichenized fungi, taxonomy
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