European Journal of Taxonomy 828

Published on
20 May 2022

en Myriophyllum rubricaule sp. nov., a M. aquaticum look-alike only known in cultivation

Johan L. C. H. van VALKENBURG et al.

1-15, Published on 05 July 2022, art. 828 (1) DOI

en A new species of Habenaria (Orchidaceae, Asparagales) and a checklist of Orchidaceae from limestone outcrops of Brazil

João A.N. BATISTA et al.

16-44, Published on 06 July 2022, art. 828 (16) DOI

en The Oriental genera of Xyloperthini (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae: Bostrichinae), with a new genus and species from Thailand, and a key to the genera


45-60, Published on 07 July 2022, art. 828 (45) DOI LSID

en West Palaearctic taxa formerly connected to the ‘old’ genusAtritomus Reitter, 1877 (Coleoptera, Mycetophagidae): taxonomy, distribution, and description of a new genus

Alessandro B. BISCACCIANTI et al.

61-74, Published on 08 July 2022, art. 828 (61) DOI LSID

en Hornschuchia (Annonaceae), an endemic and threatened genusfrom the Brazilian Atlantic Forest


75-108, Published on 11 July 2022, art. 828 (75) DOI

en Eight new species of Dexosarcophaga Townsend, 1917 (Diptera, Sarcophagidae) from the Neotropical Region

Josenilson Rodrigues DOS SANTOS et al.

109-137, Published on 12 July 2022, art. 828 (109) DOI LSID

en Addition to Sweden’s freshwater sponge fauna and a phylogeographic study of Spongilla lacustris (Spongillida, Porifera) in southern Sweden

Chloé ROBERT et al.

138-167, Published on 13 July 2022, art. 828 (138) DOI LSID