Newly discovered species of cheilostomatid Bryozoa from the Miocene of western Kachchh, Gujarat, India

Mohan A. SONAR, Ravi V. PAWAR & Dnyaneshwar V. WAYAL

en European Journal of Taxonomy 821 (16) - Pages 16-39

Published on 24 May 2022

Cheilostomatid bryozoans are present in large quantities in Miocene sediments of western Kachchh. A detailed investigation, as presented here, has yielded 11 species. Among them, two species – Canda ukirensis sp. nov. and Antropora ramaniaensis sp. nov. – are new to science. Five species had already been reported from the same region, while a genus and the remaining three species are left in open nomenclature pending an exhaustive study using better preserved material.

Aquitanian, Burdigalian, Cenozoic, Neocheilostomina, new species
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