Soft-winged flower beetles (Coleoptera: Malachiidae) of the United Arab Emirates

Sergei E. Tshernyshev

en European Journal of Taxonomy 817 (58) - Pages 58-77

Published on 29 April 2022

Soft-winged flower beetles from the United Arab Emirates are studied for the first time. Three new genera, Tonyattalus gen. nov. of the tribe Attalini, Tonycolotes gen. nov. of the tribe Colotini, and Arabotroglops gen. nov. of the tribe Troglopini, and two species, Tonyattalus vanharteni gen. et sp. nov. and Arabotroglops longantennatus gen. et sp. nov., are described. Tonycolotes kovari (Švihla, 1987) gen. et. comb. nov. is recorded from the United Arab Emirates for the first time and transferred from the genus Colotes Erichson, 1840. All species discussed in the paper are described and illustrated. The fauna of soft-winged flower beetles of the Arabian Peninsula is reviewed.


United Arab Emirates, Malachiidae, soft-winged flower beetle, new combination, new genera, new species

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