Notes on the genus Microtachycines Gorochov, 1992 and establishment of a new genus from China (Rhaphidophoridae: Aemodogryllinae)

Qi-Di ZHU, Fu-Ming SHI & Zhi-Jun ZHOU

en European Journal of Taxonomy 817 (1) - Pages 1-10

Published on 26 April 2022

This paper reviews the genus Microtachycines and establishes a new genus, Megatachycines gen. nov. One new species and two new combinations of the genus Megatachycines are recorded, i.e., Megatachycines pentus gen. et sp. nov., Megatachycines elongatus (Qin, Liu & Li, 2017) comb. nov., and Megatachycines trispinosus (Qin & Li, 2020) comb. nov. Images illustrating the morphology of all species of the genera Microtachycines and Megatachycines are provided


Rhaphidophoridae, Microtachycines, Megatachycines, new genus, China

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