A taxonomic revision of the New World genus Agamopus Bates, 1887 (Coleoptera: Scarabaeinae: Ateuchini)

Vinícius COSTA-SILVA, Edrielly CARVALHO & Fernando Z. VAZ-DE-MELLO

en European Journal of Taxonomy 806 (64) - Pages 64-89

Published on 23 March 2022

<p>Differential diagnoses, updates on distribution ranges, and an illustrated identification key are given for all species of <i>Agamopus. </i>The first record for <i>A.&nbsp;castaneus</i> from Brazil is given. Type specimens of all valid species-group names are studied and illustrated. Notes on the natural history of <i>Agamopus</i> species, as well as brief phylogenetic comments, are presented. The new species <i>Agamopus joker</i> sp.&nbsp;nov. is described based on a male from Paraná, southern Brazil. Lectotypes are designated for <i>Canthon</i> <i>unguicularis </i>Harold, 1883 and <i>Agamopus</i> <i>lampros</i> Bates, 1887. We also propose the transfer of <i>Agamopus</i> <i>convexus</i> Balthasar, 1965 to the <i>Ateuchus</i> <i>ovalis</i> species group<i> </i>(<i>Ateuchus convexus </i>comb.&nbsp;nov.) based on morphological features of the protibiae, clypeal teeth, and the posterior margin of the pronotum and pygidium.</p>


Dung beetles, Neotropical region, Scarabaeoidea, new combination, Ateuchus

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