Two new species of Lasianthus Jack (Rubiaceae) from southern Vietnam

Minh Quan DANG, Manh Ha NGUYEN, Nghia Son HOANG, Van Tho LE, Thi Mai Huong NGUYEN, Nguyen Quynh Chi HO, Ba Vuong TRUONG & Van Son DANG

en European Journal of Taxonomy 806 (19) - Pages 19-31

Published on 18 March 2022

Two new species of shrubs in the genus Lasianthus Jack (Rubiaceae), L. naikii V.S.Dang & Vuong sp. nov. and L. sonlangensis V.S.Dang, Vuong & Quan sp. nov. from Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve of Gia Lai Province in southern Vietnam, are described and illustrated. The similarities and differences of two new species with the morphologically closest allies are presented. Descriptions, illustrations, colour plates and vernacular names are provided.


Kon Chu Rang, Lasianthus, new species, Nudiflorae, Rubiaceae, taxonomy

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