Desoria calderonis sp. nov., a new species of alpine cryophilic springtail (Collembola: Isotomidae) from the Apennines (Italy), with phylogenetic and ecological considerations

Barbara VALLE, Claudio CUCINI, Francesco NARDI, Marco CACCIANIGA, Mauro GOBBI, Michele DI MUSCIANO, Antonio CARAPELLI, Gentile Francesco FICETOLA, Alessia GUERRIERI & Pietro Paolo FANCIULLI

en European Journal of Taxonomy 787 (32) - Pages 32-52

Published on 29 December 2021

We describe and delimit with integrative taxonomy the new springtail species Desoria calderonis sp. nov. (Collembola: Isotomidae). This cryophilic species is strictly linked to the supraglacial stony debris of the isolated Calderone glacier (Central Apennines, Italy), one of the southernmost glaciers of Europe. Desoria calderonis sp. nov. could belong to the nivalis-complex, a group of European mountain species included in the violacea-group. Genetic analysis (COI mtDNA barcoding) confirms the morphological attribution to the genus Desoria Nicolet in Desor, 1841, but highlights that the genus, in its current definition, is polyphyletic. We specify the peculiar micro-habitat preferences and highlight the threat of extinction for this cryophilic species in the context of the ongoing climate change and subsequent risk of complete disappearance of the glacier.


Glacial biodiversity, glacial refugia, peripheral mountains, vanishing glaciers, unknown biodiversity

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