Review of the braconid parasitoid subfamily Doryctinae (Hymenoptera, Braconidae) from the United Arab Emirates and Yemen


en European Journal of Taxonomy 765 (1) - Pages 1-143

Published on 30 August 2021

A review of the braconid parasitoid subfamily Doryctinae of United Arab Emirates and Yemen is provided for the fi rst time. The following genera are recorded in the southern Arabian Peninsula for the first time: tribe DoryctiniHemispathius Belokobylskij & Quicke, 2000 and Doryctes Haliday, 1836; tribe SpathiiniParana Nixon, 1941 and Spathius Nees, 1819; tribe HecaboliniHemidoryctes Belokobylskij, 1992 and Parallorhogas Marsh, 1993; tribe HeterospiliniHeterospilus Haliday 1936; tribe Rhaconotini – Platyspathius Viereck, 1911 and Rhaconotinus Hedqvist, 1965. Sixteen species and one subspecies are described as new for science: Dendrosotinus (Gildoria) maculipennis Belokobylskij sp. nov., D. (G.) subelongatus Belokobylskij sp. nov., Doryctes (Neodoryctes) arrujumi Belokobylskij sp. nov., Parana arabica Belokobylskij sp. nov., Spathius alkadanus Belokobylskij sp. nov., S. austroarabicus Belokobylskij sp. nov., S. lahji Belokobylskij sp. nov., S. subafricanus Belokobylskij sp. nov., Hecabalodes maculatus Belokobylskij sp. nov., Platyspathius (Platyspathius) longicaudisBelokobylskij sp. nov., P. (P.) brevis Belokobylskij sp. nov., Rhaconotinus albosetosus Belokobylskij sp. nov., Rhaconotus brevicellularis Belokobylskij sp. nov., Rh. magniareolus Belokobylskij sp. nov., Rh. microexcavatus Belokobylskij sp. nov., Rh. vanharteni Belokobylskij sp. nov. and Hemidoryctescarbonarius postfurcalis Belokobylskij subsp. nov.Two new generic combinations are proposed: Hemispathius pilosus (Granger, 1949) comb. nov. (transferred from Doryctes) and Parallorhogas testaceus (Szépligeti, 1914) comb. nov. (transferred from Opius). Rhaconotus decaryi Granger, 1949 is here synonymised with Rh. menippus Nixon, 1939 (syn. nov.). A lectotype for Doryctespilosus Granger, 1949 is designated. The following species are recorded for the UAE and/or Yemen for the fi rst time: Dendrosotinus ferrugineus (Marshall, 1888), Hemispathius pilosus (Granger, 1949), Mimodoryctes proprius Belokobylskij, 2001, M. arabicus Edmardash, Gadallah & Soliman, 2020, Spathiusnixoni Belokobylskij & Maetô, 2009, Hecabalodes anthaxiae Wilkinson, 1929, H. radialis Tobias, 1962, H. xylophagi Fischer, 1962, Parallorhogas testaceus (Szépligeti, 1914), Heterospilus (Eoheterospilus) rubrocinctus (Ashmead, 1905), Rhaconotinus menippus (Nixon, 1939), Rhaconotus arabicu Belokobylskij, 2001, Rh. manolus Nixon, 1941, Rh. scirpophagae Wilkinson, 1927 and Rh. sudanensis Wilkinson, 1927.

Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Oriental and Afrotropical regions, diversity, new species
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