Description of four new species of the subgenus Tachycines (Gymnaeta) Adelung, 1902 (Orthoptera: Rhaphidophoridae) from caves in China and additional notes on some previously known species

Qi-Di ZHU & Fu-Ming SHI

en European Journal of Taxonomy 764 (1) - Pages 1-17

Published on 19 August 2021

In this paper, four new cave-dwelling species of the subgenus Tachycines (Gymnaeta) from Guangxi, Hunan and Jiangxi are described, i.e., Tachycines (Gymnaeta) quadratus sp. nov., Tachycines (Gymnaeta) shiziensis sp. nov., Tachycines (Gymnaeta) sparsispinus sp. nov. and Tachycines (Gymnaeta) papilious sp. nov. The female of Tachycines (Gymnaeta) liboensis Zhu, Chen & Shi, 2020 is recorded for the first time. Moreover, images illustrating the morphology of the four new and three previously described species are provided.


Rhaphidophoridae, Tachycines (Gymnaeta), new species, caves, China

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