Taxonomic revision of the Phanaeus endymion species group (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae), with the descriptions of five new species


en European Journal of Taxonomy 747 (1) - Pages 1-71

Published on 28 April 2021

The Phanaeus endymion species group is defined as a lineage of dung beetles distributed from Mexico to Ecuador. The current arrangement of the P. endymion species group includes 18 species (five newly described and three revalidated herein): P. arletteae Arnaud, 2018; P. bravoensis Moctezuma, Sánchez-Huerta & Halffter, 2017; P. chiapanecus sp. nov.; P. edmondsi Moctezuma, Deloya & Halffter, 2019; P. endymion Harold, 1863; P. funereus Balthasar, 1939 stat. rev.; P. halffterorum Edmonds, 1979; P. huichol Moctezuma, Sánchez-Huerta & Halffter, 2017; P. jackenioi sp. nov.; P. malyi Arnaud, 2002; P. olsoufieffi Balthasar, 1939 stat. rev.; P. pacificus sp. nov.; P. panamensis sp. nov.; P. porioni Arnaud, 2001 stat. rev.; P. pyrois Bates, 1887; P. rzedowskii sp. nov.; P. zapotecus Edmonds, 2006; and P. zoque Moctezuma & Halffter, 2017. Phanaeus dionysius Kohlmann, Arriaga-Jiménez & Rös, 2018 syn. nov. is considered as a new junior subjective synonymy of P. zapotecus Edmonds, 2006. Phanaeus blanchardi Olsoufieff, 1924 and P. bothrus Blackwelder, 1944 are junior objective synonyms of P. olsoufieffi Balthasar, 1939 stat. rev.


Phanaeini, rainbow scarab dung beetles, genital diversification, mandible evolution, symbiotic interactions

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