Five new species of the planthopper genus Atracis Stål (Hemiptera, Fulgoromorpha, Flatidae) from China

Deqiang AI, Lingfei PENG & Yalin ZHANG

en European Journal of Taxonomy 717 (108) - Pages 108-128

Published on 29 September 2020

This paper treats the planthopper genus, Atracis Stål, 1866 (Flatidae: Flatoidinae) in China. Five new species, A. ocularia sp. nov., A. patefacta sp. nov., A. punctulata sp. nov., A. sphaerica sp. nov. and A. ungulata sp. nov., are described and a checklist of all its known species from China is provided.


Diversity, Fulgoroidea, morphology, taxonomy, Oriental region

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