A mountain of millipedes IX: Species of the family Gomphodesmidae from the Udzungwa Mountains, Tanzania (Diplopoda, Polydesmida)

Sissel Anna OLSEN, Trine ROSENMEJER & Henrik ENGHOFF

en European Journal of Taxonomy 2020 (675) - Pages 1-35

Published on 29 June 2020

A new genus and six new species of the family Gomphodesmidae from the Udzungwa Mts are described, including Pogoro alopias Rosenmejer & Enghoff sp. nov., Pogoro siren Rosenmejer & Enghoff sp. nov., Pogoropsis prolixopes Rosenmejer & Enghoff gen. et sp. nov., Emphysemastix frampt Olsen & Enghoff sp. nov., Agrophogonus hamulus Olsen & Enghoff sp. nov., and Agrophogonus pusillokiellandi Olsen & Enghoff sp. nov. Emphysemastix dracarys Olsen & Enghoff sp. nov. from Iringa city is described. Descriptive notes are given for Pogoro scharffi Hoffman, 2005, and Agrophogonus mwanihana Hoffmann, 2005. General gomphodesmid gonopod morphology is described and illustrated. A key to Udzungwa gomphodesmids is presented, as well as revised keys to all species of Emphysemastix and Agrophogonus. All gomphodesmid species from the Udzungwa Mts are mapped.


Taxonomy, new species, key, Eastern Arc Mountains

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