Halanonchus scintillatulus sp. nov. from New Zealand and a review of the suborder Trefusiina (Nematoda: Enoplida)

Daniel LEDUC, Zeng Qi ZHAO & Frederic SINNIGER

en European Journal of Taxonomy 2020 (661) - Pages 1-45

Published on 08 June 2020

We provide a review of the enoplid suborder Trefusiina Siddiqi, 1983, based on morphological considerations and analyses of new and published 18S rDNA sequences. We also describe Halanonchus scintillatulus Leduc sp. nov. from the Hauraki Gulf, northern New Zealand, as well as females of Trefusialaimus idrisi Leduc, 2013 from the continental slope of New Zealand. We show for the first time that the structure of the female reproductive system of Trefusialaimus Riemann, 1974 consists of two opposed and outstretched ovaries, an unusual feature for the Enoplida. The Trefusiina did not form a monophyletic group in the 18S rDNA phylogeny due to the placement of Lauratonema Gerlach, 1953 and Trefusialaimus sequences well away from the main Trefusiina clade. However, due to generally weak Maximum Likelihood support values, we refrain from changing the classification of these taxa until more comprehensive analyses can be conducted. Our phylogenetic analysis supports the inclusion of the Trischistomatidae Andrássy, 2007 within the Trefusiina, meaning that all of the enoplid suborders now include at least some terrestrial/freshwater representatives. The Trefusiina currently comprises five families, 14 genera and 92 valid species.


Trefusialaimus, Halanonchinae, Trefusiidae, Triplonchida, continental slope

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