A revision of the systematics and distribution of the damselfly genus Prodasineura Cowley, 1934 (Odonata: Zygoptera: Platycnemididae) in Vietnam with description of two new species

Quoc Toan PHAN & Quoc Phu NGO

en European Journal of Taxonomy 2020 (650) - Pages 1-27

Published on 22 May 2020

Eight species of the genus Prodasineura Cowley, 1934 are recorded from Vietnam, including two newly described species: Prodasineura lancastrei sp. nov. and P. kong sp. nov. from north and central Vietnam. All species recorded are illustrated, including figures of morphological structures, and distribution maps and keys to the males and females are provided. We consider the record of P. laidlawi (Forster in Laidlaw, 1907) a misidentification and exclude it here.


Odonata, Prodasineura, kong, lancastrei, damselfly, new species, Vietnam

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