A new species and first record of Vates Burmeister, 1838 from the Atlantic Rainforest (Mantodea: Vatinae)

Julio RIVERA, João Felipe HERCULANO, Leonardo Moutinho LANNA, Sávio CAVALCANTE & Maria Lúcia França TEIXEIRA

en European Journal of Taxonomy 2020 (598) - Pages 1-25

Published on 28 January 2020

A new species of praying mantis, Vates phoenix sp. nov. (Mantidae, Vatinae), is described from localities within Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo states, Brazil. This is the first record of Vates from the Atlantic Rainforest biome. The new species is unique among its congeners in having, among other features, strongly reduced cuticular projections above the lateral ocelli, structures otherwise well developed and produced in all other species of Vates. Remarks on the natural history and biogeography of Vates, in relation to this new finding, are further discussed.


Atlantic Rainforest, new species, Mantodea, Vatinae, natural history

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