Revision of Netomocera Bouček (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea: Pteromalidae), excluding the Oriental species

Mircea-Dan MITROIU

en European Journal of Taxonomy 2019 (568) - Pages 1-87

Published on 18 October 2019

The world species of Netomocera Bouček, 1954 (Hymenoptera Linnaeus, 1758: Pteromalidae Dalman, 1820), excluding those from the Oriental region, are revised. The Oriental species are excluded because their types could not be examined, the species limits could not be reliably assessed based on original descriptions and available Oriental material was scarce. Eighteen species, including 11 species described as new, are recognized: N. africana Hedqvist, 1971; N. alboscapus Hedqvist, 1971; N. amethysta sp. nov.; N. celebensis sp. nov.; N. cyanocephala sp. nov.; N. desaegeri sp. nov.; N. formiciformis sp. nov.; N. gloriosa sp. nov.; N. irregularis sp. nov.; N. masneri sp. nov.; N. merida sp. nov.; N. meridionalis sp. nov.; N. nearctica Yoshimoto, 1977; N. ramakrishnai Sureshan, 2010; N. rufa Hedqvist, 1971; N. sedlaceki Bouček, 1988; N. setifera Bouček, 1954; N. virgata sp. nov. The female brachypterous form of N. nearctica and the male of N. alboscapus are described for the first time. A key to both sexes is provided, as well as diagnoses, descriptions and illustrations for all treated species. The genus is reported for the first time in the Neotropical region. For several species, new distributional records are also given.


Diparinae, parasitoid, new species, new records, taxonomy

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