Taxonomy of the genus Neopanorpa van der Weele, 1909 (Mecoptera, Panorpidae) from the Oriental Region, with the description of two new species

Ji-Shen WANG & Bao-Zhen HUA

en European Journal of Taxonomy 2019 (543) - Pages 1-17

Published on 08 August 2019

Neopanorpa van der Weele, 1909 is the second largest genus in Panorpidae, and over 170 Oriental species have been reported hitherto. In this paper, we describe two new species: Neopanorpa luojishana sp. nov. and Neopanorpa xingmini sp. nov. from Southwest China. We also report the first discovery of the male of Neopanorpa ocellaris (Navás, 1908) from Guangxi and Guizhou, China, a species recorded from Sikkim previously. Neopanorpa brevivalvae Chou & Wang, 1988 is synonymized with Neopanorpa lungtaushana Cheng, 1957. In addition, Neopanorpa furcula nom. nov. is proposed for Neopanorpa furcata Zhou, 2005, a junior homonym preoccupied by Neopanorpa furcata (Hardwicke, 1825). The biogeographical implications of some Neopanorpa species are discussed in brief.


Diversity, new species, scorpionflies, taxonomy, synonym

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