Revision of Distictus Townes, 1966 (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae, Cryptinae), with descriptions of ten new species

Fernanda A. SUPELETO, Bernardo F. SANTOS & Alexandre P. AGUIAR

en European Journal of Taxonomy 2019 (542) - Pages 1-64

Published on 06 August 2019

The Neotropical Distictus Townes, 1966 is diagnosed, redescribed and its species revised. A neotype is designated for the type species, D. tibialis (Brullé, 1846). The genus is characterized mainly by having the body subcylindric; clypeal margin with median tooth; areolet medium-sized, pentagonal, with crossvein 3r-m distinct; first metasomal tergite short and stout, with anterolateral tooth. Distictus aurantium Santos & Aguiar, 2008 is shown to lack some of these character states and is transferred to Mallochia Viereck, 1912. A total of 12 valid species are recognized, ten of which are new: D. apaensis sp. nov., D. ardens sp. nov., D. asterios sp. nov., D. ateles sp. nov., D. caligaris sp. nov., D. commatus sp. nov., D. daelus sp. nov., D. notabilis sp. nov., D. paratibialis sp. nov. and D. terrosus sp. nov. Other valid species are D. tibialis and D. mexicanus Kasparyan & Ruíz-Cancino, 2005. All species are described and illustrated. New distribution records, maps and separate keys for females and males of the species are provided.


Cryptini, Gabuniina, Phygadeuontinae, Mallochia, Neotropical

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