New marine Thinophilus species (Diptera: Dolichopodidae: Hydrophorinae) from the Thai Andaman Sea coast and new records from peninsular Thailand

Abdulloh SAMOH, Chutamas SATASOOK & Patrick GROOTAERT

en European Journal of Taxonomy 2019 (505) - Pages 1-20

Published on 12 March 2019

Three new species of Thinophilus Wahlberg, 1844 are described from marine sites on the Andaman Sea coasts in peninsular Thailand: T. inaequalis Samoh & Grootaert sp. nov. belonging to the ‘Thinophilus simplex-group’ sensu Grootaert, 2018, T. plektron Samoh & Grootaert sp. nov., an unplaced species characterised by a long flattened apical spur on the hind tibia, and T. subapicalis Samoh & Grootaert sp. nov. belonging to the ‘Thinophilus spinatus-group’ sensu Grootaert, 2018. New records are given for following species occurring in peninsular Thailand: T. apicatus Grootaert, 2018, T. chaetulosus Grootaert, 2018, T. clavatus Zhu, Yang & Masunaga, 2006, T. evenhuisi Grootaert, 2018, T. lenachanae Grootaert, 2018, T. longicilia Evenhuis & Grootaert, 2002, T. nigrilineatus Grootaert, 2018, T. simplex Grootaert, 2018, T. superbus Grootaert, 2018, and T. yeoi Grootaert, 2018.


Hydrophorinae, mangrove, new species, Thai Peninsula, Thinophilus.

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