Siphonophoridae from Brazilian Amazonia. Part 2 – Two new tree-climbing species of the genus Siphonophora, including one showing pilosity polymorphism (Diplopoda, Siphonophorida)

Helen J. READ & Henrik ENGHOFF

en European Journal of Taxonomy 2019 (496) - Pages 1-26

Published on 07 February 2019

This is the second part of a study of a large collection of Siphonophoridae Cook, 1895 from Brazil. Here, those without an abrupt division between the head and rostrum are considered. Two species have been distinguished and are described as Siphonophora setaepromissa sp. nov. and S. tuberculata sp. nov. Siphonophora hebetunguis (Attems, 1951) from the same region has many similarities with the two new species and is redescribed from type material. Comparisons have also been made with S. fuhrmanni Carl, 1914, and comments are made on the genera Cordillerium Verhoeff, 1941, Pterozonium Attems, 1951, Rhinosiphora Verhoeff, 1924, and Siphonophora Brandt, 1837. Finally, some suggestions for characters to look at in future collections of siphonophorids are made based on experience of this collection.


Siphonophorida, Siphonophoridae, Brazil, Amazonia.

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