Taxonomic revision of Brasiloniscus (Oniscidea, Pudeoniscidae) with description of a new species

Giovanna Monticelli CARDOSO, Ivanklin Soares CAMPOS-FILHO & Paula Beatriz ARAUJO

en European Journal of Taxonomy 2018 (434) - Pages 1-16

Published on 08 May 2018

The Neotropical genus Brasiloniscus, erected by Lemos de Castro (1973), is revised and validated herein. The genus was originally described including two species, B. maculatus and B. verrucosus, but no type species was designated. According to § 13 of ICZN (1999) the name of the genus is therefore unavailable. Both species are redescribed, and B. maculatus is designated as the type species of the genus. The genus name will thus be available for the systematics of Oniscidea. In addition, a new species, B. littoralis gen. et sp. nov., is described based on material from the Brazilian Atlantic Forest from the state of Rio de Janeiro.


Terrestrial isopods, Atlantic forest, Neotropical, diversity.

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