New species of Troglomyces and Diplopodomyces (Laboulbeniales, Ascomycota) from millipedes (Diplopoda)


en European Journal of Taxonomy 2018 (429) - Pages 1-20

Published on 27 April 2018

We describe five new species of fungi of the order Laboulbeniales Lindau growing on millipedes and belonging to the genera Diplopodomyces W.Rossi & Balazuc and Troglomyces S.Colla. Three new species of Diplopodomyces, viz. Diplopodomyces coronatus Santam., Enghoff & Reboleira sp. nov. living on Serboiulus spelaeophilus Gulicka, 1967 from Bulgarian caves, Diplopodomyces liguliphorus Santam., Enghoff & Reboleira sp. nov. on an unidentified species of Spirobolida from Sri Lanka, and Diplopodomyces ramosus Santam., Enghoff & Reboleira sp. nov. on Pachyiulus spp. from Turkey, Macedonia and Serbia; and two new species of Troglomyces, viz. Troglomyces dioicus Santam., Enghoff & Reboleira sp. nov. on Nepalmatoiulus sp. from Myanmar, and Troglomyces tetralabiatus Santam., Enghoff & Reboleira sp. nov. on Caucaseuma Strasser, 1970 and Heterocaucaseuma Antić & Makarov, 2016 from caves in Western Caucasus. Troglomyces dioicus sp. nov. is the first dioecious species described in the genus Troglomyces. Keys for all hitherto known species of Diplopodomyces and Troglomyces are presented, as is a discussion of the status of both genera. Additional records for Diplopodomyces lusitanipodos Santam., Enghoff & Reboleira and Troglomyces manfrediae S.Colla are also included.


Diplopodomyces, identification keys, Laboulbeniales, Millipedes, Troglomyces.

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