A revision of the genus Pochytoides Berland & Millot, 1941 (Araneae: Salticidae), with descriptions of six new species


en European Journal of Taxonomy 2018 (418) - Pages 1-26

Published on 26 March 2018

The concept of the jumping spider genus Pochytoides Berland & Millot, 1941 is reviewed, based on the examination of described and undescribed species. Pochytoides is elevated from the subgeneric to the generic rank and a short diagnosis and description of the genus are presented. Redescriptions or descriptions of all species are provided together with a key to the species. Two new combinations are proposed: Pochytoides perezi (Berland & Millot, 1941) comb. nov. and P. poissoni (Berland & Millot, 1941) comb. nov. (both from Pochyta). Pochyta remyi Berland & Millot, 1941 originally placed in the subgenus Pochytoides is excluded; new combination Thiratoscirtus remyi (Berland & Millot, 1941) comb. nov. is proposed for it (but its generic status is uncertain). Six new species are described: Pochytoides monticola sp. nov., P. obstipa sp. nov., P. lamottei sp. nov., P. patellaris sp. nov., P. securis sp. nov. and P. spiniger sp. nov. The genus has a West African distribution.

New species, new combinations, biodiversity, Nimba Mts, afrotropics.
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