Two new species of the genus Terrobittacus Tan & Hua, 2009 (Mecoptera: Bittacidae) from southwestern China with a key to species

Wei DU & Bao-Zhen HUA

en European Journal of Taxonomy 2017 (294) - Pages 1-13 (EJT-294)

Published on 08 March 2017

Two new species of hangingflies, Terrobittacus rostratus sp. nov. and Terrobittacus angustus sp. nov., are described and illustrated from Yunnan, southwestern China, increasing the species number of Terrobittacus Tan & Hua, 2009 to six. Terrobittacus rostratus sp. nov. differs from its congeners by wings devoid of markings and epandrial appendages slightly longer than half the length of the gonocoxites. Terrobittacus angustus sp. nov. can be recognized by wing markings along R5 distally. A key to species of the genus is updated to include the two new species.


Hangingflies, taxonomy, biodiversity, Yunnan, China.

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