Philippine mossy forest stick insects: first record of the genus Otraleus Günther, 1935 in the country, with four new species, and the new genus Capuyanus gen. nov. (Phasmida, Diapheromeridae, Necrosciinae)


en European Journal of Taxonomy 2017 (265) - Pages 1-31 (EJT 265)

Published on 27 January 2017

The genus Otraleus Günther, 1935 is recorded from the Philippines for the first time. Four new species, Otraleus bellemansae sp. nov., O. applai sp. nov., O. christianae sp. nov. and O. elizabethae sp. nov., are described from the highlands of Northwestern Luzon. The characters allowing separation from O. hypsimelathrus Günther, 1935 and O. labanrataensis Soew-Choen, 2016, are given. A new genus closely related to Otraleus, Capuyanus gen. nov., is described with a single species, C. magwilangi sp. nov., as type-species. An identification key and distribution maps are provided for all species.


Cordillera Administrative Region, Phasmatodea, cloud forest, Philippines, orophilous species.

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