The genus Brachypsectra LeConte, 1874 (Coleoptera: Brachypsectridae) in the Palaearctic Region

Ivana PETRZELKOVA, Christodoulos MAKRIS & Robin KUNDRATA

en European Journal of Taxonomy 2017 (276) - Pages 1-14 (EJT-276)

Published on 13 February 2017

We summarize all information regarding the genus Brachypsectra (Coleoptera: Brachypsectridae) in the Palaearctic Region. New material of B. kadleci Hájek, 2010 is reported from western and southern Iran and its intraspecific variability in coloration and morphology is described and figured. Brachypsectra jaechi sp. nov. from southern Turkey is described from males, and an unassociated Brachypsectra species from Cyprus is reported, including the descriptions of its female and larva. These findings are the first records of this genus as well as of the family Brachypsectridae for Turkey and Cyprus. Additionally, a diagnostic key to the adult males and larvae of all Brachypsectra species is updated.


Cyprus, distribution, Elateroidea, Iran, Turkey.

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