On Brazilian Austrotinodes Schmid, 1955 (Insecta, Trichoptera, Ecnomidae): new species, new distributional records and an updated checklist

Leandro Lourenço DUMAS, Wagner Rafael M. De SOUZA & Isabela Cristina ROCHA

en European Journal of Taxonomy 2017 (297) - Pages 1-40 (EJT-297)

Published on 13 March 2017

The genus Austrotinodes contains 55 species, largely distributed in the Neotropics, with a few species occurring in the Australian Region. In Brazil, 10 species have been recorded, mainly in the southern and southeastern regions. Herein, we describe 13 new species from Brazil, all of them named in memory of great Brazilian scientists: Austrotinodes absaberi sp. nov., A. adolfolutzi sp. nov., A. berthalutzae sp. nov., A. chagasi sp. nov., A. costalimai sp. nov., A. cruzi sp. nov., A. donagrazielae sp. nov., A. gusmaoi sp. nov., A. lattesi sp. nov., A. lenti sp. nov., A. santosdumonti sp. nov., A. vanzolinii sp. nov. and A. vitalbrazili sp. nov. Additionally, we give new distribution records for A. amazonensis Flint & Denning, 1989, A. longispinum Thomson & Holzenthal, 2010, A. paraguayensis Flint, 1983 and A. taquaralis Thomson & Holzenthal, 2010. We also provide new diagnoses and illustrations for A. amazonensis and A. paraguayensis, to facilitate identification of those species.


Brazil, caddisflies, ecnomids, Neotropical, taxonomy.

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